Lasonya Jones 55 year old California native turned Georgia Peach in 2010. Married mother of one adult son. Owner of LL Dance and Fitness LLC 

2021 SMA Georgia Classic Women’s Physique Open winner and 2021 USBF Women’s Bodybuilding Masters winner and 2nd place open.  

Lover of all things regarding women and wellness.


My name is Sheryl Harvey and I am a 53 yr old mother of two. I started on my fitness journey late by some standards but I have proven to myself that "age ain't nothing but a number". I won first place in the 2021 transformation with Southern Muscle Assoc. In my spare time I love to watch cooking shows and collect recipes. 

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Celia Toles finds that she reinvents herself every couple of years. A 52-year-old mother of one, she developed an interest in fitness almost 30 years ago and a true passion for being physically active by participating in a local running club, kickball, coed flag football, pole fitness, heels dancing, spin classes, hiking, and most recently women’s competitive bodybuilding. Seeing the toll of inactivity on her parents, family members, and friends, she enjoys not only encouraging those around her to be active, but also promoting positive body images for women of all sizes. Joining Genae at Fit Junkey and then BMB provided Celia with a laser focus to achieve new goals of strength and consistency with her workouts and her diet.
In her first competition held at the 2021 USBF ROQ SOLID event in Atlanta, Celia placed 1st in Novice bikini, 2nd in Masters Bikini, 3rd in Open bikini, & earned an award for best posing.

Outside of the gym, she  is able to motivate others to incorporate music and movement to their lives at her dance and fitness studio. Celia enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and cooking new recipes.

My name is Denise Matthews (Stella). I am a veteran of the US Army and currently an employee of Veteran Benefits Affairs. I am also a Life and Accountability Coach. I am a fitness enthusiast and have found a love and passion for bodybuilding and strength training.g time with her family and friends, and cooking new recipes.