CEO Genae Banks is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.  A mother and wife of five who enjoys working on a wide variety of projects. Her great eye for artistic detail helps bring any vision to life. Genae has taken her artistic talent and turned it to a passion for wardrobe styling, makeup, photography and Fitness.

Independent Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Trainer, Pro Body Builder & CPR Certified

What's my purpose? What's my mission?

To educate others on how to live a healthy lifestyle. To build confidence in people to see their true beauty and genuinely be happy in their own skin. To be people's support systems throughout their journey. To help people grow to be the best versions of themselves. To show others they deserve to live a happy, healthy life that they are proud of. We all truly deserve love, happiness, health and wealth and we are all capable of achieving it and all your other dreams. Do something everyday that pushes you one step closer to life and goals you've dreamed of. I promise that if you believe in yourself, be positive and stay consistent, good things will come your way.